Sunday, December 3, 2017

Quiet Books - 6 Month Service Project - Nearly Finished!
Service Project
Sister Clark took on a service project six months ago without any idea of how much time and effort would be required.  Now, after six months of constant long-hours everyday work, she is nearly finished.  We delivered the first three of the books to Sister Dampt yesterday and she was extremely excited and pleased.  The rest of the seven Quiet Books should be finished this week.  Now, to help Sister Dapremont finish her two.  Wheeeww!
Tic, Tak, Toe Page - Learning to Think Ahead - Quiet Books
We are providing lots of pictures so the effort and time required might be appreciated.  The books turned out wonderfully and are very detailed and colorful.  Children can spend hours enjoying themselves while learning skills and developing abilities.  All while being quiet!!!  At least that is the hope.
Pick Apples Page - Learning to Snap - Quiet Books
Learning to snap, button, zip and velcro are included - something on nearly every page.  Some children may be introduced to sea, forest or barnyard animals for the first time. The hope is that the books be fun and educational at the same time.
Fishing Page - Learning Coordination and Patients - Quiet Books
While especially for children, we are hopeful that these Quiet Books encourage parents to spend time with their children as they help them learn about the world and develop skills.
Fishing Page - Happy to get Caught - Quiet Books
And then......these books are intended to be fun.  We are hopeful that children will find them interesting enough that they want to spend quiet and not-so quiet time with them.
Barn Page - Finger Puppets - Quiet Books
 We hope that parents are helped in their efforts to have quiet children at Church and in other appropriate places.  Adults might find themselves using these books as entertainment.
Farm Animals - Finger Puppets - Quiet Books
 The farm animals are cute and begged to be played with - each is a finger puppet.
Princess Double-Page - Memory Development and Fun - Quiet Books
 A total of fourteen different princesses are included.  Each with her unique dress and hair.  Of course children are free to create their own princess by mixing dresses and hair.
Princesses - Dress and Groom - Quiet Books
Princes Page - Another of 14 - Quiet Books
 Only three of the nine Quiet Books being made are for boys.   The boys books have a few unique pages including; the double Road and Signs pages, the Firehouse double-page and a couple of others involving trucks.
Road and Signs Double-Page - Imagination Development - Quiet Books
 The Road and Signs pages come with two vehicles which are currently parked in the garages.  The signs can be un-snapped and placed in different locations.
Roadway Page - Having Fun - Quiet Books

Firehouse Double-Page - Respect for Service Providers - Quiet Book
 The Firehouse page is one of our favorites.  We especially like the fire hats and the fire-dog.  Perhaps boys will be inspired as they play - our service providers deserve respect and perhaps this will help.
Firehouse - Dress and Grooming - Quiet Books
Firehouse - Only in Boys Book - Quiet Books
Firehouse Page - Fire dog - Quiet Books

Washing Laundry Page - Matching Exercise - Quiet Books
The Washing Laundry Page provides an opportunity to learn matching.  We hope it is colorful and interesting enough to encourage play and learning.
Washing Laundry Page - Quiet Books
Camping Page - Learn to Zip & Finger Puppets - Quiet Books
Hopefully the Camping Page will encourage boys and girls to want to discover the wonders of nature for themselves while teaching zipping and play with finger puppets.
Camping Page - Forest Animal Finger Puppets - Quiet Books
 All children need to learn to put on their shoes.  The Shoes Page will hopefully help with that.  One shoe is velcro closed, one button and one tied.  Learning to tie a shoe is often a challenge - now the chance to start early.
Shoes Page - Learn to Tie, Button and Velcro - Quiet Books

Cupcakes Double-Page - Learn to Create - Quiet Books
Creativity is the focus of the Cupcakes Page.  Children have a chance to put cupcakes in the oven, cook and decorate.  Complete with recipe book and utensils.  Girls and boys alike may be inspired to enjoy cooking as the grow older.
Cupcakes - Create - Quiet Books
Coq of the Week

This weeks coq has a hair-do reminiscent of punkish youth and a nearly closed-loop tail.  He is different and interesting as he perches above the Eglise Saint-Lambert in Le Mont, Belgium.   We found him while chasing down a referral.  Funny how the coqs are easier to find than those who might be interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to become as reliable and faithful as the coq.
Coq Girouette - Eglise Saint-Lambert - Le Mont, Belgium
Stained Glass Nativity

Mosiah 3:8-9
     "And he shall be called Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Father of heaven and earth, the Creator of all things from the beginning; and his mother shall be called Mary. And lo, He cometh unto his own, that salvation might come unto the children of men even through faith on his name...."

As we celebrate Christmas, may we celebrate Christ's coming to earth that each of us might have salvation.  Christ was born a babe having the objective of providing each of us the opportunity of salvation.  It is thanks to Him that we can overcome the weaknesses of the flesh - death and sin - that we might live again in the presence of our Heavenly Father.  What a great and wondrous gift He gave!  The Earthly birth of our Lord and Savior is truly something to celebrate.  May we do so this Christmas Season and throughout the year.
Stained Glass Nativity - Eglise Notre-Dame des Recollets - Verviers, Belgium
Catholic churches can be a place to find inspiration during the Christmas Season.  We find inspiration in the stained glass nativities we find there - though probably only twenty or twenty five percent of the churches have such windows.  Nearly all the catholic churches display a nativity of some kind this time of year; there is inspiration to be found in visiting them also.  The nativities are void of the babe until Christmas day - a tradition we miss in the United States we think.  Our nativities seem to always include the babe regardless of when we display them.  Yet, Christ was born on Christmas day as was not to be found in the manger until that day.  A nice tradition we find here in France.

The fullness of spiritual truth is found only in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; however, other religions have some of the truth.  We should embrace inspiration from whatever source it may come - you too may find the nativities of the Catholic church inspiring.  We are grateful for the beautiful nativities we find in the churches here in France - they help us feel the true Spirit of Christmas.   May each of us have the Spirit of Christ during this wonderful time of year.
Stained Glass Nativity - Eglise Notre-Dame des Recollets - Verviers, Belgium


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