Sunday, October 29, 2017

Branch Halloween Tradition

One year ago we decided to include a promenade in the forest as part of our Fall Halloween Party.  It has now become a branch tradition.  Granted, we have yet to have a large group or even the majority of our active members join us in this tradition, but it really has been a nice outing both of the years we have done it.  You have to remember that half of our active members are not capable of climbing hills and making their way through the trees of the forest. 

This year just five of us made the was a none member and the husband of our very faithful Sister Karine Dapremont.  Raphael Dapremont had broken his wrist earlier this week at work but was more than happy to be our guide.  We needed a guide as we were looking for mushrooms to pick and eat later.  Raphael was quite fast to warn us away from the harmful ones and good  to encourage us as we found those that are edible.  We did find a few good ones, but what an adventure discovering the great variety of vegetation growing in the Ardennes forest.
Raphael Dapremont, Laurent Biver, Isabelle Biver (back) and Karine Dapremont
Below is an example of what we enjoyed discovering while walking in the woods.  Many varieties of mushrooms and fungi growing in what is a very green and moist forest floor.  I suppose the forests floors here are a bit like those one would find in the Pacific Northwest of the United States; however, here we have mostly oak trees where in the Pacific Northwest there tends to be more pines.  It is interesting to note that many of the good mushrooms we found growing in the areas of pines and not so much the oaks.  It was a very enjoyable outing, though the temperatures were cool.
???Mushroom or Fungi - Ardennes Forest near Neufmanil, France
After completing our promenade, we returned to our meeting hall to enjoy food and fun.  We had a concours de soupe which was very welcomed after our visit to the forest.  Sister Clark's cream of mushroom soup took first place.  We can never figure out whether the members really like American dishes or whether they just like to be kind to us.  We shared a nice meal and had games afterwards.
Charleville-Mezieres Branche Fall Halloween Party
While we had just eighteen total in attendance, we were very pleased that seven of them were friends of the Church.  Robert Biver, father of our member Lauren Biver came as did the husband and two children of member Karine Dapremont.   Beauty Imhangby, our only remaining Nigerian member, brought four friends (including a baby) to the party.  Our social activities, such as the Fall Halloween Party, usually enable us to enjoy the company of one or more of our less-active members - so it was with this event.   Small but rewarding!
Charleville-Mezieres Branche Fall Halloween Party
 Happy Halloween!!!

Below is my addition to Halloween.   One foggy morning last week we found this nice spider on her web and could not pass up the photo opportunity.  It is not often that we have found just the right amount of moisture on the web so that it shows up well in a photo.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Spider and Web - Charleville-Mezieres, France
 Coq of the Week

This week we have a nice coq we found atop the Church Saint-George in Day, France.  He is not one of your fancier coqs but rather simple and plain.  In todays world we find simple and plain rather unusual.  In that sense, he really is unique and we like him because he is.  

While not the most prosperous coq on the walk, he does the same job as his fancier and more prosperous cousins.  His lack of the fancy and wealth causes him no concern and he is focuses only on doing the job he was put there to do.  Oh, that we could learn to do the same - remain steadfast, constant, reliable and faithful by avoiding the distractions of the world.  May each of us find our way back home to our Eternal Father as we faithfully avoid the distractions of this world.  It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by his restored church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - that we find the hope to do so.

Coq Girouette - Eglise Saint-George - Day, France


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  2. I am so glad you started up the blog again! I loved the mushroom hunt, and the spider web especially. Using these social events to fellowship folks is probably the most effective tool ever. You may never know what amazing fruit grows from the seeds you are planting. You both are inspiring to us.

    I still owe you a newsy email. It's coming, I promise. Raeburn Kennard