Sunday, July 2, 2017

Stork - Mother Coxing - Haudrecy, France
Stork Update

We thought for sure that our baby storks would have been flying by now...... but, it appears not.  It has to happen very soon.  

As we observed the storks this past week, we notice that mother stork had stepped up her efforts to teach her babies to fly.  In the photo above, she is on a platform six or seven feet below her nest where she is trying to cox her babies our of the nest and into the air.  After resting and waiting for quite some time, she made an additional attempt.  

She flew to the ground below (photo below) and walked about, again trying to encourage her young to leave the nest.  After remaining on the ground for a period, always in plain view of her young, she flew about for short distances.  After of brief period of this activity she flew off some distance out of site.
Stork - Mother Pleading - Haudrecy, France
In spite of all her efforts, she did not get much more from her young than she did the week before.  Yet there was greater use of the wings by her young - just not flight.  Below are two of the young on the nest exercising their wings.  We suspect that the babies will take flight very soon.

One thing we are noticing, in close up photos of the young, is that their beaks and legs are beginning to turn more orangish like the adult.

It is interesting and educational to observe the storks and their ways of doing.
Storks - Baby Responding, Kind of - Haudrecy, France
A New Mission President

On July 1, 2017 the France Paris Mission received a new president as President and Sister Babin were released after serving three years.  While we are sad to see the Babins depart we are excited to restart under the direction of a new leader.

President and Sister Sorensen are very young and seemingly full of energy and enthusiasm for the work.  They held their first Zone Conference within 24 hours of arriving in France and that after spending some time contacting on the streets with young missionaries the same evening they arrived.

Pictured below, the Sorensens have wonderful smiles and love to share with all the missionaries.  It is clear that their leadership will bring new ideas and activities to our Mission.  We are grateful to have them here and we pray for their success.  By the way they have four young children with them.
President & Sister Sorensen - France Paris Mission - Paris, France
Our Zone (Paris Est) was the first to meet the Sorensens.  The picture below is of the Sorensens presiding over their second Zone Conference.  First Zone Conference was at 9:30 AM on Saturday, July 1st and the second was at Noon of the same day.  There were others scheduled to follow.  Our Zones consist of approximately 30 young missionaries - - the picture below does not depict that as we were sitting in a demi-circle. 

It is a wonderful blessing to have talented, faithful and devoted members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who are willing and capable of leaving main-stream life to devote three years to serving the Lord and His missionaries as Mission Presidents.  We are grateful and blessed to have the Sorensens here in France with us.
President & Sister Sorensen - 1st Zone Conference - Paris, France
Coq of the Week

The last transfer found a threesome of Sister Missionaries in Nancy, France.  As a consequence, it was necessary to purchase and deliver several items to the Sisters in Nancy.  We spent much of a day last week traveling to Nancy and back in order to make it comfortable for the three Sisters to serve.

In returning home, we passed through the town of Pont-a-Mousson, France where we stopped to get an apple and a bottle of water.  Of course there was a church close by and we took advantage of the opportunity to visit it and the Abbaye located close by.

What great fortune to find a coq atop the Abbaye Church tower.  We really appreciate this coq --- what a great tail he has!  While few coqs are identical, it is always pleasing to find one that is truly unique and obviously different.  It is the tail that sets this guy apart from the rest.

As unique as he is physically, he is much like all the others in his devotion, diligence and reliability.  We appreciate his example and hope to become more like him.  Hope you enjoy him nearly as much as we do
Coq Girouette - Eglise Sainte Marie Majeure - Pont-a-Mousson, France

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