Sunday, June 18, 2017

Baby Storks - Getting Big - Haudrecy, France
Stork Update

The baby storks are not so small these days!   Wow, they grow quickly!  The storks pictured here are the same ones we have been following for a month or two - they are all the babies.  

When we arrived one of the adults was at the nest and the four babies were calm and fully in the nest with just there heads showing.  One of the four young, seeming to be more energetic than the other three, would come up out of the nest and rather mimic the adult - preening, walking around, etc.  After a little while the mother flew off and that is when things began to happen.

We had fully expected that the babies would stay down in a less obvious state as a means of safety, but no.  Before long all four young were up out of the nest and preening and walking around.  In seeing the size of these young storks it became obvious that few flying predators would bother with such large birds.   When along side an adult, it is clear that the young are a little smaller but not really that much.  It is amazing to us how quickly they have matured.  The only real difference we are seeing now is that the adults have an orange beak and the young continue to have the black or darker beak.  And yes, the adults are flying and the young are not as yet.

However; it seems that it will not be long before the young take their first flights.  Below you can see them testing their wings.   They will take off before long.  We hope to be there to see them fly.
Baby Storks - Preparation for Flight - Haudrecy, France
Branch Party/Fete

It was decided that we needed to celebrate the end of Institute for the year and the beginning of beautiful weather.  Thus, a party was planned and held on Wednesday night - substitute for our regular fellowshipping/FHE.   Every one pitched in; brought food, talents and games to play.  While we are not much for parties, we have to admit it was fun.

One of the things they, particularly the Nigerians, wanted to do was dance.   So Brother and Sister Biver, who participate regularly in a Folk Dance Group, were there to accommodate with instruction and practice.  Everyone had a good time dancing - as evident in the photo below.  We also had some very fun group games played.

We also used the party as a missionary tool and were pleased to have two friends of the Church there with us.  They were a little reluctant to join in the dancing and games at first, but in the end we believe they had more fun than the rest of us.
Branche Fete - Learning Folk Dance - Charleville-Mezieres Branch
Sharing of talents was also part of our celebration.   We were very fortunate that the Sister Missionaries, assigned to work in Reims, would come and join in.   Sister Erasmus is a good pianist and shared that talent with us.  She is pictured below with Brother Laurent Biver as she accompanies his bagpipe number on the piano.  Brother Biver is an excellent musician - extremely talented - and plays numerous instruments and has an excellent voice with perfect pitch.  Sister Reeves (Reims Sister) played a couple of numbers on the flute - we love flute music and she is excellent.

The talent portion of the celebration was a highlight for us!
Branche Fete - Entertainment - Charleville-Mezieres, France
Coq of the Week

Perhaps we will try to find this week's coq again some day - this picture is not great for a coq that is rather interesting.  Heavy overcast days do not make for great photos for our camera.

Anyway, this guy is atop the Church Saint Victor located in Vandy, France.    We are extremely confident that he will be waiting should we return on a brighter day to retake his photo.  As are all his brothers and cousins, he is a model of constance, reliability and diligence but with a bit of a flare.  Not sure if he looks a little wind-swept, ruffled by something or what, but he has a little character.  We pray to become more like him in our devotion to living Gospel principles and following the Savior.   May we all be so.
Coq Girouette - Eglise Saint Victor - Vandy, France

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