Sunday, May 7, 2017

Temple de Paris - Le Chesnay/Versailles, France
Paris Temple Open House

We find it difficult to take our minds off the Paris Temple for too long these days.  We are truly overjoyed with the imminent dedication and opening of this beautiful building.  We are grateful to be here in France to share the joy and enthusiasm of our wonderful members.  Be there no doubt, the French members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints understand the great blessing the Lord is offering them with this Temple.

We felt the Lord's spirit very strongly when we visited the Temple on the 29th of April.  We can only imagine the Spirit we will feel when we return to do work of ancestors who have passed on.

As the picture below indicates; the Paris Temple is "The House of the Lord".  There is no other building as important as this in all of France.
Le Temple de Paris - Le Chesnay/Versailles, France
 Friends from Lyon, France

While at the Paris Temple Open House last Saturday (29th April) we found great joy in meeting with some of our friends from the Lyon Stake.  Each encounter was an unexpected pleasure and blessing.  In all we greeted a good half dozen or so acquaintances from Lyon.

Below is Sister Clark with Sister Martine Meyer of the Porte des Alps Ward where we attended for the two years we were in Lyon.  We found she has changed a bit in the nearly two years we have been away, but her spirit and enthusiasm is still very evident.  It is her faith and perseverance, as well as that of other members, that blessed us while in Lyon and that continues to bless us all the more here in the Paris Mission.  It is the faith of our Branch members that strengthens our faith and testimonies each day.
Martine Meyer & Soeur Clark - Temple de Paris Open House 
Another happy reunion with a Porte des Alps member (former), Capucine Crocq.  We had a special relationship with the Crocq family as we tried to help them through some very difficult times in their lives.   We were blessed to have had the opportunity to serve Brother and Sister Crocq and there three boys - Raphael, Nathan and Loris.  Loris sat on our laps through many a Sacrament Meeting.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last.......fortunately, Sister Capucine has remarried and seems to be much happier.  We apologize that we did not capture the new husband's name.  Sister Capucine now lives in the Toulouse area and is an active member of the Toulouse Capitale Ward.   Stephan Janda is the Bishop there.......of course, the son of the famed Sister and Brother Janda of the Arras Ward of our very first mission.
Capucine Crocq (Bonniot) & New Husband - Lyon Member -  Temple de Paris Open House
Coq Girouette - Eglise Saint Jacques - Namur, Belgium
 Coqs of the Week

Here they are........without fanfare and with little enthusiasm today on our part.  We hope we have not shared either of these two in the past.   We seek to become as faithful, reliable and consistent as they.
Coq Girouette - Eglise Notre Dame d'Harscamp - Namur, Belgium

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  1. I remember Soeur Meyer too. She was a young girl in Clermont-Ferrand where I started my first mission. When I met her in Lyon, she dug out some photos of me and my comp, Elder Gharda, from the old Clermont days. The connections within the Church are truly amazing!