Sunday, May 28, 2017

Paris Temple - Street View - Le Chesnay, France

Temple de Paris

You are tiring of the Paris Temple; perhaps too much of a good thing?  Still, we were in Versailles again this past week and had to get a couple of photos of the completed Temple without tons of distractions in the scene.  Above is the street view of this beautiful House of the Lord and below is the Christus statue in the gardens.  This is a unique Temple without an angle Moroni but with the Savior himself in its place.  The gardens of the Temple were also dedicated and perhaps the Christus provides a glimpse of what we might experience at the Second Coming.  For us, a Temple in France is just another sign of the approaching return of the Savior.
The Christus - Paris Temple - Le Chesney, France
Stained Glass - Paris Temple - Le Chesnay, FRance
The stained glass windows of the Paris Temple are gorgeous and rather frenchesque - don't you find?  The interesting thing about stained glass - and we have hundreds of photos - the photos are never as beautiful as the real thing.  

The Lord created a beautiful world for His children to dwell and the Paris Temple stained glass reminds us of this fact.  We are confident the Savior appreciates Temple stained glass.

As evidenced in these two photos, all the Paris Temple stained glass are floral. Very beautiful and inspiring!
Stained Glass - Paris Temple - Le Chesnay, France
Mother's Day in France

Today, the 28th of May is Mother's Day here in France.  We took the photo the other day on our way home from a Missionary Conference in Versailles with Elder Anderson of the Twelve.   We did not notice anything unusual about it when we took the photo but Sister Clark said she found it a bit unique.  So after taking a second look, we suppose it is a bit different from most nativity scenes one sees.  None-the-less; Mary the mother of Jesus had a great responsibility and she filled it well.  Guided by His mother, the Savior grew and matured as do we all.

We like the Nativity and feel it makes a statement about motherhood.  Without an earthly mother, the Savior was not.  God's plan is that each of us come to earth through our good mothers.  Without our mothers we would not be.  We are grateful for our mothers and all that they have done for us.  It is our mothers who nurture, teach, guide and protect us.  It is our mothers that we have to thank for the more gentle and kind characteristics we might develop in ourselves.  It is often the faith of our mothers upon which we base our own.  We are grateful for all good things that have come to our lives, thanks to our mothers.  Happy Mothers Day!!

The Nativity - Cathedrale Saint-Gervais et Saint-Protais - Soissons, France
Storks Progressing

We passed by our storks earlier this week to see how the are doing.  As you see in this photo, they are progressing very well.  The babies now have the coloring of their parents with the black becoming prominent on their wings.  

We want to continue to follow their progress and hope to visit them when the young begin to fly.  We have no idea how quickly they progress and thus fear we may miss that event.  One thing for sure, they progress and grow more quickly than do we.  

A stork born is a bit like someone joining the Church - once you are there, you had better be prepared to get going.  When you think about it, new members of the Church have to grow quickly and become self-reliant if they are to be successful.  The early days are important, and like the baby storks, they need some looking after and help - especially in the early stages.  We see that here in our Branch and hope to do all we can to help the new members mature to the point that they are converted.  We encourage you to do what you can to help the "baby storks" around you become successful.
Stork Nest - Haudrecy, France
Coq of the Week

We continue to find interesting coqs wherever we go.  This past week on entering the Versailles area, on our way to Mission Conference, we saw a coq along the route.  We stopped and took this guy's photo in Chatou, France atop the Eglise Notre Dame.

A little fancier and perhaps more beautiful than some, this coq performs the same duties as all his peers.  He is constant and faithful and ready for what is to come.  If all the ten virgins had been as is he, prepared and ready, none would have missed the coming of the bridegroom.  While we are each different, we are valued equally by Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.   They desire that each of us prepare ourselves for the Second Coming of the Lord.   May we be as constant, diligent and faithful in that effort as the coq is in his.
Coq Girouette - Eglise Notre Dame - Chatou, France

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