Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rebecca Cooper w/ Sister Clark - Train Station - Charleville-Mezieres, France
Visitor from the United States

We received our first visitor from home since arriving here in France.  Rebecca Cooper, daughter of Sister Clark's youngest sister Connie was in Europe on business and came to visit us last week end.  We enjoyed getting to know her better and catching up on her life and that of other family members.  We were also able to enjoy visiting a couple sites of interest around Charleville-Mezieres while she was here.  It was nice to have her visit and to reconnect a bit with home.

Coq Girouette - Eglise Saint Pierre - Bastogne, Belgium
Coq of the Week

One of our young Elders, Elder Burgogne, was transferred last week after having spent the first months of his mission with us here in Charleville-Mezieres.  He was anxious and a bit nervous to move on to a new experience - hoping for something a little bigger than Charleville.  He had wanted to visit Bastogne, Belgium and the war museum and memorials there as his father had expressed some interest in them.  We made the trip of about an hour and spent a good part of our P-Day there.  We found our coq of the week there atop the Eglise Saint Pierre.  This coq, like all the others, has his unique characteristics.  We like him......of course!

Spring - Biver Home - L'Echelle, France
Spring and Easter

Spring and Easter go hand in hand as the world experiences a rebirth and renewal of all that is beautiful in nature.  These two photos of beautiful flowers express that beauty and rebirth.

We spent a nice Easter Sunday with our Branch Members and young Elders.  It was wonderful to receive messages and testimonies of the hope that the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ bring to our lives.  We are ever grateful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge that it brings.  We know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that through his sacrifice, we can overcome all our weaknesses and challenges and live again.  We are ever grateful for the Savior's love!

Spring - Charleville-Mezieres, France


  1. I had so much fun visiting! It was great being able to see the area where you're serving and meet some of the people in your branch. Thanks again!
    Love, Rebecca

  2. Greetings from Utah... nice picture of Nancy and Rebecca! The spring flowers are gorgeous!!
    love, Connie Jeanne