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Paris Temple - Open House - from Boulevard Saint Antoine - 29 avril 2017
Paris Temple Open House

After months, weeks and days of patiently waiting; the Charleville-Mezieres Branche of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was finally able to make the much anticipated trip to the Paris Temple Open House on April 29, 2017.   While adding names as we approached the day of departure, we left at 7:30 AM Saturday morning with a total of thirty one members and investigators on our chartered bus.  We were extremely grateful that two of our less-active members joined us as well as eleven non-members.  Those making the trip included two of the Dampt's grown children; Adeliene Bouillon et Hubert Dampt - Adeliene came from her Ward in Chambery (France) and Hubert from Mesa (Arizona, USA).

The opening of the Paris Temple has already proven to be a wonderful missionary tool.  Sister Karine Dapremont had her non-member husband and four children go with her to the Open House.  The Dampts, who pray constantly for missionary opportunities with there relatives, have been over joyed to receive positive reports from those family member they have invited to go to the Open House.  Both Sister Dapremont and the Dampts were rather discouraged with their missionary efforts prior to the Paris Temple visits of their loved ones.   Now they find themselves energized and optimistic about the prospects for softened hearts.
Paris Temple - Open House - from Gardens
The Paris Temple is undoubtably on the small size physically but is immense in its spiritual impact.  It is extremely but simply elegant and beautiful!  Wall murals reflect scenes of France, the life of Christ is depicted in the many wonderful framed paintings, while floral themed stained glass windows illuminate the white surroundings.  Of particular impact to us were the two domed stained glass windows of exquisite beauty; one over the baptismal font and the other in the Celestial Room (our recollection).  After going through the first time, we were tempted to turn around and go through a second and third time - it is very difficult to take it all in such a short period of time.   At times we felt the Spirit very strongly - we can only image the spiritual experiences that await us and others once the Temple is dedicated and Saving Ordinances are performed therein.  What a great and extraordinary blessing is a Temple in France!
Paris Temple - Open House - from the North
Again, the size of the Paris Temple and its surrounding gardens are not overwhelming but rather well done and beautiful.  The smallness of this special place is a testimony to the challenge and dedication it was to built it.  Many miracles were wrought to pass in order for this blessing from Heavenly Father to be bestowed up the Saints in France and the Church as a whole.   The process of arriving at this day was tedious and encumbered with great and strong opposition - no doubt a sad day for he that was the organizer of all the energy set against it.  For us it is a great miracle composed of numerous smaller miracles.  The dedication of the Paris Temple on May 21, 2017 will certainly prove to be a truly historical day for the Church and France.

Of the Temples we have visited, the Christus in the grounds of the Paris Temple is uniquely hallowed.   For us, it is a statement of the Savior's is gratitude for this place and an indication that He is looking over it and those who will come here.   One might guess that group and family pictures would have been popular in front of the Temple itself; however, the Christus was overwhelmingly chosen for such souvenirs of the Paris Open House.  Like the Temple, the Temple gardens reflect simple beauty and peace.

It proved impossible to assemble our group of 30 once we had completed our guided tour of the Temple, thus we have no group pictures with the Christus.  Rather we have a collection of different members at different locations on the Temple grounds - we will share some in the weeks to come.

We did catch Brother Michel Dampt and his son Hubert ,who made the trip from the United States to be here with his parents for this special day, in front of the Christus.   Picture below.
Paris Temple - Open House - Christus in Garden - Michel & Hubert Dampt
Former Lyon Mission Missionaries and Members

A bonus blessing for us was the unexpected opportunity to see so many of our member friends and fellow missionaries from the Lyon, France Mission.  We will share some of those in future blogs.  For now we share our encounter with Elder Matt Elvidge and his bride.  A very happy couple who came from their home in England to participate in the Temple Open House.   We were also able to meet Brother Elvidge's mother and tease her a bit - we remembered that he was afraid to tell President Roney that he would go to BYU because he felt his mother might be against him leaving home for an education so far away.   Of course, this young couple pointed out that their marriage would not have happened if Matt had gone to BYU.  They will both complete their formal educations in the near future.  Our encounter documented below - too bad the older couple look so worn and ragged.
Elder Matt Elvidge & Wife - Paris Temple - Open House
Charleville-Mezieres Branch - Paris Temple Open House

Pictured below is the CM Branch members and friends who made the trip to the Paris Temple Open House on April 29, 2017.   From left to right: Claire Bourt, Debora Dapremont, Raphael Dapremont (hidden behind Deborah except for cap), Rene Bourt, Herve Taillard, Karine Dapremont, Cynthia Dapremont, Jeremy Dapremont, Elder Crane, Elder Schow, Dennis Marielle, Lionel Gilquin, Clara Biver, Bettey Guillaume, Hubert Dampt, Sister Clark, Michel Dampt, Jennifer Dapremont, Adeliene Bouillon, Beauty Imhangby, Kate Schuilling, Isaac Peter, baby of Fasasi Minota, Isabelle Biver, Fasasi Minota, Robert Biver, Stephen Lawrence and Laurent Biver.  Not pictured: Lisette Horun and Elder Clark.

This group represents all of our active members (12 - Sister Dampt missing as she had fallen and was not able to make the trip), 2 less-active members, 4 missionaries, 10 non-members and 2 visiting members.  It was a wonderful day and all were inspired and encouraged for having participated.
Charleville-Mezieres Branch - Paris Temple Open House - April 29, 1970
Coq of the Week

Another golden shining example of the fiable coq.   This one was located a top the chapel spire of the Eglise Saint Remi in Matagne-le-Petit, Belgium.   Not many comments to make realizing that the Temple is the symbol of the faith of the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The coq pales in comparison!
Coq Girouette - Eglise Saint Remi - Matagne-le-Petit, Belgium

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! And the photos. Doesn't sound like you attended the missionary reunion with the Roneys? (Maybe it's closer to the end of the open house periord.) We look forward to your future posts. Raeburn & Suzanne Kennard