Sunday, April 2, 2017

Coq Girouette - Eglise Saint Jacques - Namur, Belgium
Coq of the Week

This past week we helped Sister Schuiling move to her new abode in Jambes (Namur), Belgium.  We are extremely saddened to lose such a faithful and important member of our Branch in Charleville-Mezieres.  Sister Schuiling has a very strong desire to live on the water and is working to purchase a boat as her next home.  Her quest has taken her to the Namur area where she has begun to take navigation lessons and where she hopes to maintain her home port.  The Sambre and Meuse Rivers converge at Namur and thus there are some very nice port facilities for noncommercial boats and barges.

While in Namur we found our coq of the week above the Eglise Saint Jacques.   Again, unique and interesting in its own way.  We also found the Wallonie Coq through the city.   Wallonie is a department of Belgium bordering France.  The red coq is found everywhere - flags, signs, government buildings, etc.   The Wallonie Coq is pictured below.
Wallonie Coq - Departmental Symbol - Namur, Belgium
Spring Blossom - Charleville-Mezieres, France
Signs of Spring

This week-end we were able to watch the 187th Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We received Conference via internet and met with our members in our Chapel to listen to the counsel of our inspired leaders.  We received inspiration on how to better live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and hope to put our learning into practice during the days and weeks ahead.  We pray that you were likewise inspired.

Each Conference we are given a brief look at the beautiful grounds surrounding the Salt Lake Temple and the Conference Center.   We find the beauty of Spring blossoms also inspiring as they present their signs of renewal and hope for brighter days.   

We too have been enjoying the beauty of Spring here in Charleville-Mezieres.  The tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other flowers are much the same as we enjoy in the United States.   Others seem more unusual and but equally beautiful.  We share a couple of the beautiful blossoms we noticed this past week or two.
Spring Blossoms - Charleville-Mezieres, France
More Signs of Spring

There are signs of Spring that we see here in the Ardennes of France that are not seen in Utah and most other parts of the United States.  Storks on the nest are one of these.  These storks were nesting in the countryside near Charleville-Mezieres.  The local members seem to feel that the Storks have returned and are nesting earlier this Spring than normal.   We have had a week or two of very nice days but have since returned to a bit cooler temperatures and more rain.  It is all good as the world turns more beautiful!

Signs of Spring - Storks on the Nest - Ardennes, France
 Boules or petanque is another sign of Spring that has recently appeared in our neck of the woods.   The other day while on our daily walk, we saw a statue of a petanque player from a distance in a little park along the Meuse River here in town.   It was a picture we had to take so we could share it with Raeburn Kennard back at home.  Realize that our first view was of the back of the man below.  
Pentanque? - Charleville-Mezieres, France
 Right posture but wrong tools!   As it turns out, there was no fun in what this man was doing.   Far from the fun we had imagined him having.  Perhaps, after his work is complete, he will have time for a little boules.

We have plans to teach our young Elders the game of petanque - neither of them have played before.  After all, they could use the "boules contacting technique" in their repertoire of tools.   We are very much feeling the need to play and Spring feels like such a good time!
Poor Man!  No petanque today. - Charleville-Mezieres, France

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  1. Touché, Elder Clark! You really got me that time. As you started telling about the statue of a boules player, I thought "I'm surprised they play pétanque so far north, and even more surprised there would be a statue." Then I saw the first photo and studied it carefully. I thought how old-man posture is so naturally formed from playing boules. And I figured that the thing in his left hand looked like a rolled-up rag or towell for wiping off the boules. Then I went to the next photo, and I laughed out loud! You had totally sucked me in! Bravo! Bien joué!