Sunday, March 5, 2017

Coq Girouette - Eglise Saint Quentin - Aiglemont, France
 Coqs of the Week

Take your pick of these two coqs for coq of the week.  The one above was found in Aiglemont, France atop the steeple of the Church Saint Quentin and the one below was above the Church Saints Pierre et Paul in Bouillon, Belgium.   One photo taken on a bright sunny day and the other on a more dismal dreary day.  Bright and sunny is much nicer than dismal and dreary - don't you find?  Good reminder for us to be bright and sunny in our approach to life.  Everything seems somehow much better that way.  When we are bright and sunny others see us in a better light - just as we perceive one of these two coqs to be more interesting and substantial so others will see us.
Coq Girouette - Eglise Saints Pierre et Paul - Bouillon, Belgium
1766 Pediment - Residence Door - Chagny, France 

There just has to be a more commonly known word for what the dictionary calls pediment.  In French a pediment is known as a fronton.  Neither word is what we would hope for.  Anyway, these dated stones were found above the doorways of a couple of old homes in the village of Chagny, France.  While we have passed through Chagny very frequently we never noticed these pediments serving as the top plate of the entry door framework of homes.  

For Christmas the Dampt family gave us a nice book (many wonderful photographs) of the history of the Ardennes - "Le Grand Livre des Ardennes".  We have been trying to read it as part of our daily french studies.  It was this book that made us aware of the pediments in Chagny; an old farming village southwest of Charleville-Mezieres.  This book provides a wonderful understanding of the history of the area in which we serve and, in addition, has given us things of interest to look for as we travel about visiting members, inspecting apartments and attending Stake and District meetings.

Of course, in this area 1766 is not really that long ago.   There is evidence of the Romans occupying this part of France that date back to just after the birth of Jesus Christ.
1808 Pediment - Residence Door - Chagny, France
Coqs and Pediments = Not Much New

We share coqs and pediments so our family and friends know we are still alive.   Not much new to share that is of great interest.  Except........

Today was Fast and Testimony Sunday and we were able to enjoy the testimonies of our wonderful members and investigators.  All expressed the blessings that come to their lives through the restored Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   We were especially touched by the testimony of two of our Nigerian refugees - one just an investigator of a week or so.  The member, Stephen, testified of how the Gospel and Church has helped him during a very difficult time in his life.  Peter, our investigator, expressed a similar sentiment.  Both know that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them and a Savior, Jesus Christ, who suffered for them.  We understand how difficult life is for our refugees and it is inspiring to hear them testify of their blessings. These testimonies strengthened ours.   May we each be ever mindful of the wonderful blessings The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints brings to our lives.

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