Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sister Schnaus, Emanuella, Morayo, Mayan & Sister Bennett - St. Quentin,  France
 Friends of the Church

This past Thursday we made a two hour trip to St. Quentin, France for the purposes of inspecting the two young missionary apartments there.  There are two teams of missionaries in St. Quentin - one Elders (Larsen and Gunn) and one Sisters (Bennett and Schnaus).

After inspecting the two apartments - Sister very good but Elders less so -  the Sisters requested that we take them by car to teach an investigator who lives in a village just over 30 kilometers from St. Quentin.  They also invited us to teach their investigator with them.  It was a wonderful experience!

Their investigator, Morayo, is a mother of two young girls ages 5 (Emanuella) and 2 (Mayan).  Particularly interesting to us is the fact that Morayo is a Nigerian refugee who has been in France for only four months.  Interesting because we too have Nigerian members and investigators in the Charleville-Mezieres Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who are also refugees. Morayo and her two children are pictured above with the Sister Missionaries.

Morayo has a baptismal date of the 18th of February and she seems to have a very good grasp and testimony of the Gospel.  She absorbs and understands everything she is taught.  She has a wonderful smile and is extremely kind.  This in light of the very difficult life she has chosen by coming to France with hope of a better life for herself and her children.  She has left a husband behind and we are unsure of his status.  We suppose one would have to live their lives to understand how they can make such difficult decisions.   We know that there is much political unrest and uncertainty in Nigeria and that many Nigerians do not feel safe in their own country.

We are grateful that we were able to meet Morayo and her girls.  We are also grateful for the examples of the Nigerian members in our own Branch.  They have great courage and determination as they look for a better life.  It is extremely rewarding to see some of them come unto the Savior by accepting to be baptized into his restored Church.

Coq Girouette - Basilique de Saint Quentin - St Quentin, France
Coq of the Week

Our coq of the Week also comes from St. Quentin France where we found him atop the Basilique Saint Quentin.  Like many others we have discovered, this coq is also unique in many ways.  One thing that stuck us about him is that he appears to be more prosperous than most of our coqs.  When we look at him in an enlarged photo, he appears to be guilted in gold.  While the photo above may not show it, when observed through a 20X magnification he has that luster and richness of real gold.  Perhaps he sports a higher quality coat in order to protect him from the harsher elements of his environment or perhaps a Basilique coq simply deserves a more royal treatment.  Lucky have been assigned to labor at the Basilique.

Though he might receive some special treatment, he is not spoiled.  He is as diligent and constant as any coq we have found.   Nothing of his prosperity has gone to his head; he is as faithful, reliable and watchful as any coq we know of.   A good example for we who enjoy great prosperity in our lives.  May we, with our prosperity; remain true, faithful and ever devoted to the great cause of Jesus Christ and his restored Gospel.   That we, like the coq, may be elevated on high.

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  1. Excellent message this week! And you two are teaching that message by your example.