Sunday, February 5, 2017

Brent & Lisa Bethers Family + Uncle Chris
 Lincoln Bethers Baptism

We missed another baptism!  Cooper Bethers,  pictured above  (center) with his family, was baptized while we were missionaries in Lyon France.  Now, his younger brother Lincoln was baptized on Saturday, February 4th while were are serving here in the Paris France Mission.  We would have very much liked to have shared this important day with Lincoln, but it appears he enjoyed the special event without us.  He looks very happy in each of the photos we received!

One of the difficult aspects of full-time missionary service in a foreign land is missing the important events in the lives of our five grandchildren.  We love each of our grandchildren very much and miss being with them while so many important things are happening in their lives.  They seem to grow up and develop many wonderful qualities and talents all the faster when ones is not there to witness it all.  We are proud of each one of them and enjoy the photos and video clips their parents send us from time to time.
Lincoln Bethers Baptism - Temple, Texas
 We are proud of you Lincoln and pray that you will always be as happy as you look in the photo below.   We know you, and each of us, are happiest when we make good choices.  Keep up the good work.
Lincoln Bethers - Happy to be Baptized - Temple, Texas
 Coq of the Week

Moving right along - to the coq of the week.  Yes, we do not have much other  of particular interest that happened to us this past week that we documented in photos.  But perhaps we might share something we found interesting that was not captured by a photograph.

For the past few weeks we have been making a concerted effort to locate our lost/very less-active members.  We have had some interesting experiences and are now nearly complete with the initial effort.   Next, we turn to helping them receive the blessings that come from commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his restored church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Anyway, this past Wednesday we found ourselves in the small village of Rimogne, France looking for a Sister Svetlana Jakh that no one recalls seeing for years and years.  We went to the address we had for her with the intention of knocking on the door, only to discover that the name on the door was not even close to being that of Sister Jakh.   We decided not to knock, we have had a number of other bad addresses, and began to walk away.  After taking a half dozen steps, we repeated the name we had seen on the door - Denis Jacques.  Upon saying the name Denis Jacques, we realized that the name Jacques sounded just like the name Jakh we were looking for.  So we turned around and went back to the door and knocked.  After a couple of knocks, a sleepy headed man with his fists rubbing his eyes came to the door.  We told him who we were looking for - Svetlana Jakh - and he answered that she had not lived there for years and that they had been divorced for 8 years already.  We emphasized that we were speaking of Svetlana Jakh and he affirmed that he was also.  We showed him the spelling of Jakh and asked if that was Svetlana's maiden name.  He said he had never seen such a name before.  He was not able to give us Svetlana's new address or telephone number.

We are confident that Svetlana Jakh is really Svetlana Jacques but how did the bad spelling become a part of Church records.  We believe an American somewhere along the line was verbally given her name for the purpose of recording her baptism - perhaps in a Mission Office - and that not knowing the french language very well recorded Jacques according to how it was heard in English - Jakh.  Jakh does seem to go better with Svetlana, doesn't it?   Why the record was never corrected is a mystery.  Now what to do??

Back to our coq of the week.  We like this guy because he is different and unique from others we have found but also because he appears, to us, to be in a hurry.  Not sure why we see him that way except that we find his overall posture, including head and tail fathers, to indicate he was on the run.  Many chickens are you know - - - just not usually our coq girouettes.  We enjoyed him and hope you will too.  Even thought he looks to be in a rush, we are confident that he will still be around should we have occasion to revisit the village of Villers devant Mouson, France.
Coq Weathervane - Church - Villers devant Mouson, France

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