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Villa Demoiselle - Pommery Champagne - Reims, France
Reims, France - Center of Champagne

This past week we had our District Meeting in Reims, France.  The city of Reims is large by comparison to Charleville-Mezieres but only has one companionship of missionaries assigned there - Sister Newell (father is the Spoken Word) and Sister Erasmus.  While in Reims for our District Meeting we took the opportunity to complete an inspection of the Sister's apartment. 

We discovered that just a block away from the Sister's apartment is one of the many champagne companies headquartered in Reims.  Reims is the seat of the Champagne Department of France and the center of champagne production.  Pommery Champagne likely has several brands, some of which many of us would recognize.  We did not take time for a tour of their facility but did take a couple of quick pictures - two included here.  We found the main buildings rather over-the-top but did enjoy the Villa Demoiselle.  I believe they market the Demoiselle or Moiselle brand of champagne, among others.  It seems obvious that making and selling champagne is a lucrative venture.   There are much grander facilities and brands than Pommery here in Reims.  Perhaps one day we will be able to share some photos of them.  

While champagne is extremely important in Reims, perhaps Reims greatest claim to fame is its cathedral.  It is not France's grandest but it is the cathedral where the coronation of the kings of France traditionally took place.  It is a good hour by direct train from Paris and would have been a significant voyage for the kings of France to have made in days gone past.  Why come to Reims when there are the great cathedrals and churches of Paris?  Perhaps it was to celebrate the coronation with easy access to the worlds best champagnes?!
Pommery Champagne - Headquarters - Reims, France
 Reims, France LDS Chapel

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a nice chapel in Reims, France.  It is rather equal to most of the buildings we have in the United States.  There is a good sized Ward that meets here and the missionaries traditionally have good results in finding those ready to accept the Gospel.

While Reims is located a hour by car from Charleville-Mezieres, it is here that we come for our baptisms when it is not feasible to baptise in a lake located very near Charleville-Mezieres.  We also meet here at this chapel for every other of our weekly District Meetings.  While Reims is the closest of the Church units to Charleville-Meziers, it is not in our Stake.  Reims is part of the Paris East Stake and Charleville-Meziers is part of the Lille Stake.
LDS Chapel - Reims, France
Reims was part of the Franco-Belge mission when Elder Clark was here as a young missionary - 1967-9.  At that time there were no Stakes and very rarely a Ward.  As we recall, Reims was another of the rather small branches found in France at that time.  It is a great blessing for the members to be fortunate enough to enjoy a chapel - unfortunately there still are not that many here in France.
LDS Chapel - Reims, France
Coq of the Week

Everything Reims this week.  Yes, our coq of the week is from Reims.   He was located such that he could have been watching over the champagne production of Pommery.  We found him very close to the Sister's apartment while on our walk to the grocery store to purchase items for District Meeting lunch.  Perched atop the Eglise Saint Nicaise and larger (the coq) than most we have seen.   The church Saint Nicaise appears to be Greek Orthodox or something similar as it was not the traditional catholic church typically found here.  Made of flat iron, no open beak, definite eye and more detailed tail - another unique rooster.

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  1. Doesn't the Reims cathedral have one or more pretty famous stained glass rosettes?