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Stained Glass Nativity - Cathedral Saint-Etienne, Limoges, France
Stained Glass Nativities

Here you have it.....the last of the stained glass nativities for this year.  We regret that we did not get this done on Christmas day, but that is the way things went this year.

We were happy to host our Nigerian members and the young Elders for Christmas dinner and fun this year.  Though it was a bit challenging, we feel blessed to have enjoyed their company and to have been the ones to have served those who also found themselves far from home.

Dinner followed a beautiful Christmas Program with the other members of our small Branch at the Meeting Hall.    We used the recital of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ that our children have had to listen to for the past thirty years before opening gifts on Christmas morning.  Of course, it ends with the Wise Men offering their gifts.........thus, we too give gifts.  We included many of our beautiful Christmas Hymns in the program.   We enjoyed the Spirit of Christ during the hour we were together!

Stained Glass Nativity - Basilique Notre Dame de Dole, Dole, France
The three nativities pictured here are among those that were taken during the two years we spent in the France Lyon Mission.  We continue to seek out the nativities in the churches in our area but we do not have all the grand churches here as were found in and around Lyon.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
Stained Glass Nativity - Basilique Notre Damed du Pont - Clermont-Ferrand, France
Paris France Temple

We spent the week before Christmas in the Paris/Versailles area attending and helping with the three Christmas Zone Conferences that took place at the Versailles, France Chapel.  It was an extremely busy week as we prepared and served meals for the 200 plus missionaries of the France Paris Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It was a difficult period to be away from our small Branch in Charleville-Meziers and we had to scramble to recover after our return home.

The opportunity to visit the site of the Paris Temple, which will open in May 2017, was one of the highlights of our stay in Versailles.  We had to pass the Temple each morning on our way to the Versailles Chapel and, as you see in the photos we took, it was still dark.  The darkness allowed us to enjoy the beautiful stained glass windows of the Temple from the exterior.

While the stained glass windows of the Paris Temple may be more simple than those of the grand Catholic Churchs we are accustomed to seeing, we found them extremely beautiful and more inspiring.  They certainly convey a different of calm and peace among other things.

It is with great excitement and reverence that the members of the Church in France await the opening of the Paris Temple.  It is impossible to describe the extent to which this Temple will bless the lives of the Saints in France.  They have long waited a Temple of their own in which to covenant with the Lord.   While the Church has had a presence here in France since just after the organization of the Church in 1830, it has been a long difficult struggle to arrive at this point.

It will be a wonderful blessing for us to attend the Paris Temple on a regular basis with the faithful members of our Branch.  It will be a most beautiful Temple!

Stained Glass - LDS Temple de Paris - Versaille (Les Chesnay), France

LDS Temple - Facing Street - Versaille(Les Chesnay), France

Stained Glass - LDS Temple - Versailles (Les Chesnay), France
The Paris Temple is still under construction; thus, our photos were taken through construction fences.  What a beautiful edifice in a beautiful location!  It is much more beautiful than the Palace of Versailles which is located close by.  Simple elegance is more appropriate for the House of the Lord!
LDS Temple - Street Facing - Versailles (Les Chesnay), France

Pere Noel

The lady who delivers our mail is very much into the holidays.  We missed getting a picture of her during Halloween but we caught her here just a couple of days before Christmas.  She even decorates her electrified bike.  One of the many reminders we enjoyed of the Christmas Season.
Our Mail Lady - Charleville-Mezieres, France
Christmas Zone Conferences

Pictured below are the Zones of the Paris Mission that attended the first of our three Christmas Zone Conferences which took place the 20-22nd of December.  We enjoyed a spiritual meeting and tasty meal with the Mission President.  The young missionaries were full of energy and excited to visit with each other during these special events.
Christmas Conference (multi-Zone) - Versailles Chapel - Versailles, France

Christmas Conf (multi-Zone) Dinner - Versailles Chapel - Versailles, France
Coq of the Week

Our Coq of the week was located in the small village of La Horgne, France atop the local church.  Like all the others, he too is unique.  More unique is the fact that he was low enough to attempt hiding in the trees.  Not many coqs like being in the trees but we find that he is all the more special because of them.
Girouette Coq - Eglise - La Horgne, France

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  1. Thanks for sharing. We have the little nativity you gave us displayed among our other French treasures. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.