Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pigeonnier - Fortified Farm - Warcq, France
Ancient Fortified Farm

A couple of weeks ago we shared having visited an ancient fortified farm near Charleville while assisting a Nigerian refugee member of the Church.  We indicated that the above photo represented the remains of one of the four defense towers at the farm; however, this tower is actually the Pigeonnier for this farm.  A pigeonnier is a pigeon house, which are quite common in older chateaux and large farms in France.  In fact the Mission Home in Paris recently converted the old pigeonnier on that property to more usable space.  While we commonly consider pigeons to be pests, at one time pigeons were kept for their eggs and meat, for sport and for insect control.  Thanks to Raeburn Kennard for straightening us out on the purpose of this tower.

We revisited the fortified farm which is actually located in the village of Warcq, France, adjacent to Charleville Mezieres.  On the right side of the photo below one can see the remains of one of the actual fortified towers of this farm.  The tower was placed at the exact corner of the farm enclosure and we are told that similar towers existed at each of the other three corners of the farm enclosure.

Fortified Farm - Remains of Defense Tower on Right
Girouette Coq - Eglise Saint Brice - Tourteron, Fr

Coq of the Week

This weeks coq was found in Tourteron, France atop the steeple of the church Saint Brice.  We like to believe that he is watching and waiting for the Nativity of the Birth of Christ to be placed in the church.  Nativities should begin showing up in the churches this coming week - of course, without the  Christ Child.  He will not arrive until Christmas Eve - that is the tradition here in France - an empty creche until the birth date.
Nativity - Bell Tower Attic - Eglise Saint Remy - Haraucourt, Fr

Tis the Christmas Season

A few weeks ago we could not resist the open door to the bell tower of a small church in Haraucourt, France.  We will explore anywhere in a church that we are given the opportunity.  In climbing up the rickety stairs of the bell tower, we came to a storage room with not much in it except the very dusty pieces of an old nativity and some rusting chandeliers.   There is great doubt that this nativity will be put on public display this year - we suspect that the Eglise Saint Remy has a more modern and better kept nativity somewhere. 

We plan to dust off our nativity soon and pray that you do also.  While we have different ideas of the Savior and his birth, we do appreciate that each Catholic (and others) church does typically display a nice nativity this time of year.  For us, the nativity scene is a great reminder of the Spirit of Christ (mas).  We wish you a very special spiritual Christmas Season.  Yes, it has begun!
Nativity - Eglise Notre Dame - Metz, France
Stained Glass Nativity Scenes

Just thought we would share a couple of our stained glass nativity scenes to add to the Spirit of Christmas.  We love taking pictures of stained glass and, while in Lyon, we took way too many.  We have cut the picture taking back but always seek out the nativity scenes.  What a wondrous and important event for each of us.  

We are especially grateful for the Birth of the Savior and for the special opportunity Christmas affords us missionaries to witness that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and invite all the world to come unto Him.
Nativity Stained Glass - Eglise Saint Pierre - Montcy Notre Dame, Fr
Nativity Stained Glass

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  1. Your posts are terrific. I hope my comment on the pigeonnier was not offensive, but I just had a hunch . . . I became fascinated with pigeonniers during our 2006 visit to the chateaux of the Loire. I also love all of your nativity discoveries. If you have that flash drive of French audio items I gave you, check out the Pastorale de Provence - a delightful nativity play set in Provence. Perfect for Christmas.