Sunday, November 6, 2016

Girouette Coq of the Week
Girouette Coq of the Week

A couple of weeks ago we had to make an emergency apartment inspection in Metz, France and while there found the coq above on top of Le Temple Neuf.  He is bit unusual so we thought you might enjoy him too.  Of course, there is no usual coq - they each seem to be unique.

Sister Betty Guillaume - Charleville-Mezieres Branch
Faithful Members of the Church

Sister Betty Guillaume has been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for a year of so now.  She is single and lives with her very white cat named Whitie in an apartment in the outskirts of Charleville-Mezieres.  She speaks a little english, thus the name of her cat.  Sister Guillaume walks with a single crutch as she has a debilitating back problem.  She comes to church via bus when she is not able to get a ride from another member.  Sister Guillaume has a couple of sons but, unfortunately they very seldom visit her.  She is grateful for her Branch family.

As you might guess from the picture we took of her today, it is getting cold in Charleville-Mezieres and they tell us to expect a bit of snow this coming week.  It really seems to have turned cold rather rapidly!  We are not sure how Winter weather will affect the attendance at our Branch meetings but it will likely have some effect as none of the members live close to the church.  We will take pictures if it snows.

Le Vieux Moulin (The Old Mill) - Meuse River - Charleville
Village of L'Echelle, France - home to the Biver Family
Autumn is Here with the Feel of Winter in the Air

Le Vieux Moulin on the River Meuse in Charleville-Meziers is one of the more recognizable landmarks we have in town.  It now serves as Le Musee Rimbaud (The Rimbaud Museum).  Arthur Rimbaud, a French poet and writer, is considered to be the most well-know citizen (former now dead) of Charleville-Mezieres.  As a youth, Arthur's mother would lock him in the attic of the Moulin as punishment for his rambunctious behavior.  It is in the attic of Le Vieux Moulin that he is said to have gained his inspiration and passion for writing.

The Village of L'Echelle is about 25 minutes to the West of Charleville-Mezieres and is home to our largest member family - the Bivers.  L'Eschelle has a population of around 100 and has an old fortified church and small chateau.  A rather isolated place to live but the Bivers love there home where they have lived for some 25 years.

These two pictures are included in order to share a hint of what we see as Autumn approaches.  Overcast sky in the morning and evenings - sometimes all day - with often warmer afternoons.  The colors are not as vibrante as we see in some parts of the United States, but there is some color in the trees and shrubs.  Most nights seem to produce some measurable precipitation and on occasion we have Seattle type drizzly rain most of the day.  Still, the weather is not all that bad here and the humidity does not seem to bother us, perhaps because it is cooler than some of the more humid areas of the United States. 

Pictures also included because we think they display the beauty of the area in which we live.

Today it feels Winter and we are told to expect snow this coming week!  Seems a little early but forecasts call for the coldest Winter in the last 100 years.  Our timing is great but we are actually looking forward to a little snow.  We shall see how long that lasts.

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