Sunday, October 23, 2016

Revin, France - Meuse River
 Meuse River Valley

The Meuse River along with the Ardennes Mountains and Forest are predominant features of this part of France and Belgium.  Within them are found many little gems of beauty - the villages.  We frequently cross the Meuse River as we travel through the Ardennes visiting our faithful members.  We recently fell upon the above view of Riven, France as we were returning home one late Autumn afternoon.  Since we found the view both inspiring and typical, we decided to share it with you.

Church Roosters Have Personality Too!
Church Roosters - Are Any Two Alike?
Church Coqs are Interesting.
Church Coqs Are Every Watchful.
And, Some Coqs are Simply For The Birds!
Girouette Coqs For Sister Kennard

As Raeburn Kennard felt Suzanne might appreciate my Girouette Coqs - Rooster Windvanes - I just had to share a few more.  Yes, the Girouette Coq, found atop most churches here in France and Southern Belgium, has become my photographic passion; at least for the time being.

Wallonie or the French speaking southern half of Belgium has a coq as its symbol/mascot.  Some of the above girouette cods reside in Wallonie.  While the Wallonie coq is a bit different in that it has a raised foot poised to strike or defend itself, it seems that all who speak french like the coq no matter what its posture.  I will try to share a Wallonie coq sometime in the future.

Brother Lionel Gilquin - Charleville Branch
Members of the Charleville Branch

Brother Gilquin joined the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saintes in June of this year.  He received the Aaronic Priesthood today and was ordained to the office of Priest.  Like us all, brother Gilquin understands the challenges of living the Gospel in it's fullest and has a desire to serve the Lord.

Lionel lives in a small village about thirty minutes from Charleville where he owns a home or two that he is in the process of remodeling.  Lionel has legal custody of a cousin and formal custody of another man whom he met at his former Presbyterian church.  Both men in his custody are older and handicapped in many ways.  As one might understand, he has great compassion for others and is a great example of charity.

Brother Gilquin knew the Church for twenty some years before joining.   It was his interest in Food Storage that first brought his interest in the Church.  He has a large room dedicated to the foods he cans and dries himself and he has two large freezers for his frozen reserves.  He has made an environment for growing mushrooms out of another large freezer and is currently sustaining a growth lifecycle of grubs/insects for the production of fish.  Needless to say, Lionel has interesting ideas on how he can become completely self sufficient.  By his standards, many of us in the Church have Gospel principles that we do not fully put into practice.  He has caused me to rethink how I live the principles taught by the Gospel.

We enjoy helping Brother Gilquin with his home remodel project - a project that seemingly has no end and by my estimation will not see completion before Lionel goes they way of all flesh.  He has chosen to combine two homes he owns - these are very old homes in considerable distress - they are scary!  Anyway, we help but do not even think to see it finished when we leave France in twenty months.  Some doors were recently installed to keep some of the oncoming Winter cold out, one or two bedrooms are nearly complete and a nice kitchen is underway; however, this is just the tip of the three story iceberg.  Work is slow and difficult because everything is so old and needs to be redone and there is construction debris, furniture and who knows what everywhere.  Nevertheless, he will have a nice home once he gets a lot further along.  The electrical work looks great - brother Gilquin is an electrician!


  1. I need to see a photo of his house(s)!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me! Love the roosters! Come back to Utah and I will give my favorite one! Miss you both so much.

  3. This blog is awesome! Please consider including some pictures of you and Elder Clark...:)