Sunday, September 4, 2016

Strasbourg, France - Elder Clark's 2nd City in 1967-8
 First Time Since 1969

Our first trip for conducting young missionary apartment inspections took us to Strasbourg, France.  As a young missionary, Elder Clark lived in an apartment on Rue de l'Arc en Ciel. He recognized it upon arrival but could not recognize the specific building.  The first time since 1969 that we have been able to walk where Elder Clark walked as a young missionary.  It was a wonderful experience!  

Elder Clark served in Strasbourg during the Winter and Spring of 1967-8.  There are currently four young Elders serving in Strasbourg.

Rue de l'arc en ciel - 3 September, 2016
 Time Brings Change

Although time changes many things, some remain constant.  Like ours, the soul of a place remains even though outward appearances show that time has moved on.  In many ways Strasbourg is as it was in 1967-8, yet it seems to have progressed.....or perhaps digressed over the years.

It was a wonderful thing to experience the sites, sounds and scents of a place one frequented many years ago.  Many great memories were made in Strasbourg almost 50 years ago.

We hope to return one day to attend meetings and meet the members - perhaps there may be one or two who were there 50 years ago.

The German Influence and Cathedral of Strasbourg, France
German Influence

The German influence is very apparent in Strasbourg, as seen in the architecture found in "centre ville" - the oldest part of the city.  The German influence is also evident in the Alsacien language or dialect.  Located in the Alsace Region of France bordering the Rhine River, Strasbourg was at times French and at times German.  It is said that the local language was developed in order to confuse the French and the Germans.

They say the first pharmacy in France was located in Strasbourg but when and because it was a part of Germany.  We also noted that Street signs are now in French and German - likely due to Frances inclusion in the European Union. Sauerkraut continues to be a traditional meal served in many restaurants in Strasbourg.

Elder Clark recalls eating sauerkraut with Sister Schneider and her children during the Winter of 1967-8; for which he is ever grateful.  Sister Schneider continues to live in Strasbourg but is not active in the Church.  We served with her grandson Charles Schneider in the France-Lyon Mission.  His father was one of the children Elder Clark remembers so well.  The world of the Church is very small!

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