Monday, August 29, 2016

Paris, France

Arrived in Paris - August 2, 2016

After serving in the France-Lyon Mission for two years from July 2013 to June 2015, we find ourselves back in France after a short year at home.  Not where we expected to be, but we are pleased to be working again with French members of the Church that we have come to love and appreciate.  

It is not Eastern is not is not Nepal...NO IT IS THE FRANCE-PARIS MISSION!!!!!

Charleville-Mezieres, France

Charleville-Mezieres, France

We were assigned by President Babin, our Mission President, to serve in the Charleville-Mezieres, France Branch.  We arrived in Charleville on August 5, 2016 where we lived in a small hotel for a week before moving into our apartment.  Our apartment is located in centre ville and thus we are within steps of nearly anything we might need.  Our walk to church is just 5 minuets and a choice of baguettes within 30 seconds.  It is very nice living amongst the museums, historical sites and all.

Members of Charleville-Mezieres Branch

Charleville-Mezieres Branch Members

The Charleville Branch is rather on the small side.  On a good Sunday we may have 20 at meetings, but we are growing.  Four or five baptisms have occurred in the past year.

We have a small group of new members, not pictured, who are of Nigerian descent.  Our Nigerian members speak English but are learning French along with Sister Clark and I.  We do conduct meetings and teach classes in two languages which keeps us busy.

Damp's Home in Le Chesne, France

Dampt Home in Le Chesne, France

Much to our surprise, Brother Michel and Sister Paulette Dampt - members of our Branch are also the Grandparents of Elder Samuel Dampt.  Samuel was one of the Office Elders in the France-Lyon Mission when we arrived there in 2013.  We are ever grateful to Samuel for the help he was to us at that time and we are very grateful to have found the world of the Church so small.

We home teach the Dampts and have had the pleasure of doing a bit of gardening at their home in Le Chesne; a small French village.

Dunkerque Refugee Camp

Refugee Camp - Dunkerque, France

We had the opportunity to fullfill a Stake work assignment on Saturday, August 27, 2016.   We worked for several hours at the Refugee Camp in Dunkerque, France.  This camp provides for approximately 750 (mostly Iraqi) refugees.  The refugees in this camp are mostly single males in their twenties. 

This camp seems to have better conditions than many others; nevertheless, you would not want to trade places with any of them.  Interesting experience.

Sanglier or Wild Boar

Sanglier or Wild Boar

The sanglier is the symbol of the Ardennes region in Northern France and Belgium.  The Ardennes is a mountainous/hilly region that is heavily forested and inhabited by sizable populations of wild game, including the wild boar or sanglier.  Charleville-Mezieres, where we live is in the Ardennes.

No photo, but we actually saw two early in the morning while on our way to the refugee camp in Dunkerque on Saturday, August 27th.

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